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Suppliers of Multifuel Biomass Boilers

We supply high end multi-fuel biomass boilers for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. All our boilers are RHI compliant. We also supply all the necessary fuel handling equipment such as walking floor silos, straw shredders and sweep augers etc

Hot water multi-fuel biomass boilers: 11kW – 20MW
Steam multi-fuel biomass boilers: 800 kg/h - 30 t/h

Our Products

KSM Stoker A/S

KSM produce RHI compliant multifuel boilers ranging from 11kW – 950kW suitable for domestic and commercial sectors Click here to find out more

KSM Biomass Boiler

Justsen Energiteknik A/S

Justsen is a highly specialised company, building advanced multifuel boilers for industry and the public sector. Click here to find out more

Justsen Biomass Boiler
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